Erisa Wrap Benefit Plan

Excyl Inc. Important Benefit Disclosures Under ERISA

The documents will be in Adobe PDF file format.  To access any document, you must have (1) a computer with internet access, (2) a program installed on that computer allowing you to send and receive emails (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) and (3) the application program Adobe Reader installed on your computer allowing you to open and read the documents.  We recommend that you retain a copy of related emails and documents for future reference. If any of these requirements or delivery methods change in a way that creates a material risk that you may no longer be able to access and retain electronically transmitted documents, we will furnish you with a new Notice describing these changes and you will be required to provide another consent to receive documents electronically.

You have a right to receive a paper version of any electronically transmitted document at no charge.  Contact Syeda Mohideen, who acts on behalf of the Plan Administrator, at telephone number 248-457-0700 x 122 or Email: to request a paper copy.

1 The Summary Plan Description (SPD) to the Plan
2 A Summary of Material Modification (SMM) to the Plan’s SPD (Note: This document modifies information in the Plan’s SPD, which was furnished to you previously. You should retain this SMM with the SPD.)
3 The Summary Annual Report (SAR) relating to the Plan
4 Annual Notices

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