Impact of Technology on Learning

E learning

The world of work is changing at an ever increasing pace so for keeping yourself up to date, you have to be flexible, adaptable and change with the pace of business. Show willingness to learn new methods, procedures, or techniques and take on new tasks, show initiative & self-reliance in building your skills and knowledge. Because your dream job today may not exist tomorrow, so you got to be open to whatever industry changes comes your way.

Companies don’t just want people who can perform; they need people with relevant experience who are adaptable and quick learners.” Individuals who make a personal investment in staying valuable by seeking feedback, learning new skills, and thinking ahead—  you have to present yourself as “a professional in motion.” Skills always win…yes, even over likability, charisma, and charm.

So we at Excyl, have decided to put together a list of top 10 (MOOC) Services, to help you add skills and gain knowledge this holiday season…

What is a MOOC?

(Massive Open Online Course) is a new form of education for students and professionals who want to advance their skills at any level and for one who cannot access traditional education due to time, geographic accessibility, disability, or other reasons. This new breed of global online courses emerged from the United States and is proving to be hugely popular and providing access to hundreds of courses to students across the world.

Available for everyone around the world at no cost, as long as they have an internet connection. Some providers offer optional certification exams on a small payment. These courses are based on videos, articles, games, social learning, quizzes, assignments and other proprietary methods which can be conveniently accessed at anytime, from anywhere.

This is the most comprehensive list of 10 hand-picked providers of MOOC courses.

1. Coursera – The most popular provider of massive open online courses globally. Coursera has more than 10 million users in 890 courses from 117 institutions.

2. NovoEd – Founded by Stanford University professor Amin Saberi and PhD student Farnaz Ronaghi.

3. Udacity – Offers proprietary “Nanodegree” programs for learning technology skills that matter by doing projects employer’s value, without leaving your current job.

4. Udemy – Mostly known for their collection of paid courses but they have many great courses available for free

5. Khan Academy – Learning from their micro lectures and practice exercise is quite engaging. Their motto is “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. They recently launched themselves in India.

6. Harvard Open Courses – Under Open Learning Initiative (OLI), Harvard has launched a plethora of free courses to everyone around the world.

7. MIT OpenCourseware – Large scale on-line publication of MIT course materials. It includes many free courses available to anyone, anywhere.

8. iTunes U– Apple’s own platform to make the education intuitive. Their library includes many free courses in various topics.

9. ApnaCourse – They give training and certifications online which helps employees internationally. Targeted towards working professionals who wants to gain skills and climb up the corporate ladder.

10. FutureLearn – Owned by The Open University, England which provides step-by-step free online courses from topics such as science, technology, art, humanity, spiritual science and business.